Covid-19 Protocols

I redesigned my cleaning protocols and added extra precautions to prevent COVID-19 spreading.
I am fully vaccinated and immune (as of March 26, 2021). But I still:
  • I follow all CDC recommendations
  • I always wear a mask in the office for my unvaccinated clients or per your request
  • I wear cotton gloves for my unvaccinated clients and change them after each client to prevent the spread of the virus
  • I  wear a face shield in the office for my unvaccinated clients or per your request
Office Space
  • All linens are professionally laundered and sterilized
  • I will continue wearing mask during the Reiki part of the session indefinitly for your protection
  • New Molikul air purifier is installed (PECO filter – captures and destroys viruses)
  • HVAC fan will now be always “on” during office hours with new static filter installed to kill viruses on contact
  • Essential oil blend will be diffused in the waiting room
  • The waiting room is closed and is available only for check-out

You cannot bring any adult or a child to your treatment

If you are fully vaccinated and immune:

  • Please, inform me ASAP if you experiencing cold-like symptoms and don’t come to the office. Your appointment will be switched to a virtual session
  • Upon arrival, please, knock on the door and wait for the door to be unlocked
  • You can have your session without a mask or a face shield
  • You can request me to wear a mask, face shield or gloves if it makes you feel safer
  • Wash your hands upon arrival
  • Enjoy your session with provided blankets
  • Essential oils are back !!!

 If you are not fully vaccinated or fully immune:

  • Please, inform me ASAP if you experiencing cold-like symptoms and don’t come to the office. Your appointment will be switched to virtual session
  • Upon arrival, please, text me and wait in your car. I will come to let you into the building
  • If it is not possible to stay in the car, wait outside the building, keeping your social distancing
  • Wear a mask. It must cover your nose and mouth at all times
  • Wash your hands upon arrival and put on provided cotton gloves for your protection
  • Don’t use the waiting area and walk into treatment room immediately
  • Face mask is required during the treatment at all times
  • IMPORTANT: I cannot provide a blanket to unvaccinated and not fully immune clients. Please, bring your own if you want to go under cover during the session. I will charge $30 for the use of my blankets.
  • BATHROOM RULES:Please, close the toilet sit lid before flashing
  • IMPORTANT: starting August 1, 2021 all unvaccinated or not fully immune clients will be charged $100 sanitation fee each visit to cover the cost of safety protocols before, during and after your session to keep you and others safe.
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