When we think of medicine, two schools of thought come to mind. The first is the image of a doctor sitting behind a desk in a long white coat. This person performs exams, tests for illness and disease and typically focuses on a patient’s physical well-being. On the other hand, there is the alternative medical profession. This group includes energy healers, spiritualists, shamans, herbalists, naturopathic clinicians, and yes, Reiki masters. In addition to caring about their patient’s body, these medical experts also cater to an individual’s mental/emotional needs. Together, both kinds of medicine form a foundation for high-quality patient care.

Adding Reiki Healing

Reiki can significantly enhance traditional Western medicine. As a holistic healing practice, Reiki healing helps to restore the body, mind, and spirit. Rather than compete with existing medical practices, Reiki seeks to treat common side effects of illness and health issues. These might be negative emotions regarding a sickness diagnosis, anxiety about an upcoming procedure, chronic stress, etc. Reiki is the optimal choice for complementary therapy because it is holistic. As a non-invasive treatment, thousands of people worldwide report that their overall well-being increased following regular appointments with a Reiki practitioner.

The Benefits

The benefits of Reiki are numerous. Remember, the human body wants to be healthy. Reiki practitioners know this, so they tap into the universal life force energies to offer themselves conduits. As a complementary therapy, Reiki has the power to transform pain and unblock toxic feelings tied to illness. Patients of Reiki often feel happier, lighter, and less worried.

A Complementary Therapy

In addition, Reiki is a strong option for complementary therapy because it does not rely on pills or injections to provide relief. For example, the road to recovery can be long and arduous for somebody undergoing intense medical surgeries or physical therapy. Whereas drug prescriptions work by blocking brain chemicals responsible for pain, anxiety, and depression, Reiki addresses the imbalance in our emotions at their root. Reiki soothes emotional distress by targeting energy blocks without unwanted side effects of drugs, such as insomnia, weight gain/loss, uncontrolled changes in mood, loss of appetite, libido, energy, etc.

Natural Healing

Ultimately, the goal of Reiki is to aid the body’s natural self-healing processes. Peer-reviewed studies have shown that Reiki bolsters the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and promotes a more positive outlook on life, and increases the overall sense of health. It is an excellent complementary therapy option for anyone seeking to begin a holistic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing journey.

Harmony Life

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