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Many people relate silence to loneliness and problems. Whenever a person retreats to solitude, others perceive them as full of stress or even depression. But, is this the case? Not necessarily. Having quiet time plays a significant role in one’s health. Moments of silence are avenues of natural healing to many adverse conditions and diseases. Avoiding electronics or powering them off for a while brings significant changes in everyday life.

Unhealthy Attachments

The fast-growing technological world has increasingly led to many dangerous and unhealthy attachments to cell phones and other electronics. Many people cannot end a day without their cell phone device, check alerts, messages, and calls to their phones. They continue using their phones as a second screen when watching television. It is so sad that the majority sleep with their phones beside them.

Health Effects

Notably, there is a looming danger when people use electronics continuously. Health effects like digital eye strain (DES) are on the rise. Headaches, irritated and burning eyes, tired and dry eyes, blurred distant vision, and insomnia have all been linked to high electronics use.


People today do not have silent moments. Quiet moments allow their bodies to rest and relax the mind. People need to know that the silence break from using various electronics for hours or days is golden. Physiologically, when one restrains from electronics, the results are lower blood pressure (heart attack), a robust immune system, and enhanced new cell growth. Silence calms the mind, reduces stress, relieves the formation of plaque in the arteries, and stabilizes hormone regulation.

Benefits of Silence

Furthermore, when someone breaks from an attachment to technology, they experience a dynamite psychological and emotional boost with improved creativity, environmental and self-awareness, reflection, and sense of life force flow. Breaking or powering off the gadgets is the start of natural healing of the mind and body.

Taking a technology break is the only way to relax and replenish oneself. Though having this break may seem challenging, plan to practice some tech-free activities like having a technology-free holiday. During the holiday, interact with nature, have time with your friends and pets, have a romantic weekend with a partner, or take a book and read.

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