My clients often ask me: How fast does Reiki therapy work?

The first important thing is to understand the difference between medical Reiki and a pill, such as a painkiller.

Reiki promotes a slow release of blockages, gradual changes in the energy profile, and a gradual transformation of the physical body. Medical Reiki works on addressing the underlying causes of imbalances. It might take 10-30 years to develop the very first symptoms of a disease. Do not expect rapid changes.

Our society is accustomed to seeking fast and long-lasting relief from pills. However, painkillers often do not address the underlying causes of the pain, and the pain returns repeatedly, requiring more painkillers.

Our bodies do not respond well to rapid change. Rapid changes in our environment can lead to broken bones and bruises, while swift changes in our diet can cause stomach upset. A sudden shift in our energy profile can result in vertigo, vomiting, and anxiety.

Usually, people experience two types of changes with Reiki therapy.

The first is the immediate effect during the Reiki session. One can experience calmness and may even fall asleep as the Reiki therapist works through blocked marma points. This is a result of the subconscious brain working closely with the inflow of energy. Sometimes the conscious brain gets in the way and is “turned off” for a few minutes or the entire duration of the session. The calming effect of the Reiki session can last for a few hours or a few days.

The second effect of Reiki therapy does not manifest immediately. Each session helps to remove small blockages, one by one, causing slow but long-lasting effects. As Reiki therapy helps a client to open chakras, balance doshas, and harmonize subtle energies, small changes in emotional reactions start to manifest themselves.

People usually don’t notice these changes immediately. But one day, your own calmer reaction might surprise you. You might say, “Oh, I used to react this way when things got stressful, but now I don’t. I simply observe, adjust, and live. And I feel happier because I no longer react that way.”

Regular Reiki sessions result in calmer reactions, improved sleep, and better resilience to stress.”