Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

You HAVE to arrive a few minutes before your appointment. Our tight schedule will not permit longer sessions.

No sessions can be offered if you are 15 minutes late.

If needed, you HAVE to reschedule/cancel the appointment at least 36 business hours in advance. Pleas, be respectful to our clients who are on the waiting list.

The failure to follow our cancellation policy will result in full session fee (no discounts can be applied) charged to your account. All future appointments you might have with us will be canceled. You have to pay the balance in full before scheduling next appointment.

Important Information About Missed Appointment Charge: We understand that genuine emergencies happen which could prevent you or someone else calling, in which case you will not be charged. You have to provide a proof of the emergency. We are all humans: we will try to resolve any “no-show” in civilized gracious manner.