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Energy Healing & Rejuvenation

what is reiki cary ncWhen you do have the choice you’re always going to want to choose natural remedies over their non-natural counterparts. Reiki healing for instance is a fantastic example of a completely natural remedy most often used to relieve stress, alleviate symptoms of illness and/or any pain through the body. Marina Lando at Harmony Life has been practicing reiki healing since 2007, in that time frame she’s even become a fully accredited continuing education teacher for Reiki & massage therapy in NC, and even published her own book after developing her own methodology and style called Lando medical reiki.

So whether you’re personally just looking for some energy healing to help get yourself out of a funk, or you want to learn more about how reiki is done so you can perform it yourself and/or show it to friends, Harmony Life is here to take care of you no matter what you need.

What is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki is a form of energy healing/energy therapy, originating in Japan, that has been in practice since well before 1800. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner directly into the body of the patient. This energy works to encourage emotional and/or physical healing in the recipient! It may sound like a stretch if you’ve never experienced it yourself, we recommend at least one session so that you can get a feel for things yourself and see if its beneficial for you!

Reiki, translated from Japanese, means “universal life energy”. Depending on your practitioner’s training and overall knowledge Reiki can be applied to acupuncture points (TCM) or to marma points (Ayurveda). At Harmony Life we are skilled enough to use any of the application methods that we think will work best for you or that you prefer! This application restores balance in the body, reduces overall stress, and gives organs and tissues energy necessary to reestablish homeostasis. You can think of it as the closest thing to hitting your internal “reset” button.

Reiki energy healing services Durham

We perform a number of reiki and energy healing related services at Harmony Life in Durham. But by far our most common service is just a traditional Reiki session – though we start all new clients across the board with a detailed evaluation and includes things like:

  • custom meditations
  • Lando Medical Reiki
  • chakra balancing
  • dosha balancing
  • release of toxic emotions

A lot of that stuff is “the basics” but building a strong base is critical if we want to see future growth. We find it very important that we get the most accurate health profile for you that we possibly can so we can track your change over time and use all of this data to craft an approach that we think will work best for you and you alone. We’ve run into other businesses like ours that use the “cookie cutter” approach to try and save a buck, but all it does in the long run is cost them lots of customers!

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The Lando Medical Reiki approach

The whole concept of Lando medical reiki is based on the book Dynamic Healing by Marina Lando and Valerie Remhoff (published 2015 ). Lando medical reiki was developed through years of practice and experience, these new methods are simple, effective, and highly beneficial for your clients.

what is reiki cary ncWho IS Marina Lando?

Since 2007 Marina has done countless studies and endless amounts of research on all things Reiki, Ayurveda, and aromatherapy. In 2010 she introduced new more effective Reiki protocols first described in “Dynamic Healing”, her book published in 2015. In 2014 she introduced new method for balancing toxic emotions. In 2018 Marina finalized her studies and methods into Lando Medical Reiki System of Natural Healing, which she uses and teaches about today!

Interested in Learning how to do Lando medical reiki? Sign up for a class today!

Are you prepared to develop or expand your knowledge of all things energy healing? This class presents you with an exciting opportunity to learn both traditional reiki methods, and techniques you won’t find anywhere else. Developed through years of practice and hands-on experience, these new methods are simple, effective, and highly beneficial for your clients.

In our classes you will learn:

  • How to design an individualized session for your client each and every time
  • Valuable techniques for mental and emotional balancing, acute stress and trauma, and specific ways of moving energy
  • An alternative and highly effective set of hand positions
  • Tools for Evaluating energy imbalances including muscle testing and the pendulum
  • How to develop your intuitive skills with traditional Reiji
  • The basic anatomy of the human energy field including chakras, marmas and meridians
  • New ways to balance Chakras and Meridians with Reiki
  • Highly beneficial techniques for closing a Reiki session

We offer reiki classes both in-person and online to make sure that everyone who wants to learn about reiki and energy healing is more than free to do so! We don’t just teach reiki either, we have classes available for aromatherapy, massage therapist continuing education, and more!