Reiki Education

Harmony Life offers a wide variety of online teachings about Reiki, meditation, and aromatherapy. Marina Lando, owner and Reiki practitioner, has spent years cultivating this knowledge and information into one platform to make it easy and convenient to learn more.

With thousands of resources online, it can be hard to know what information you can trust. How do you know who is a credible source or who is just trying to get money from you?

With Harmony Life education, learn new meditations to ease stress and tension in your body. Or become your own home chemist and learn how to safely mix and combine essential oils in order to best serve you in the moment.

Harmony Life’s Education Center includes:

  • Lifetime access to these classes
  • A growing list of meditations and aromatherapy research
  • Information that has been researching and vetted over years of practice

Get INSTANT access to dozens of lessons about meditation or aromatherapy. Or start furthering your education about Reiki today. Learn at your own pace.

Reiki Training

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For professionals, further your education and learn advanced Reiki techniques that were carefully crafted by Marina over years of practice and experience. You won’t find these techniques anywhere else.

These techniques will help:

  • Better your own Reiki practice
  • Widen your knowledge within this specialty
  • Provide something valuable to your clients that they won’t find elsewhere


Reiki Training Offered


Level 1:

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  • Reiki I (Lando Medical Reiki 101.1)
  • Chakra Balancing (Lando Medical Reiki 101.2)

Level 2:

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  • Reiki II (Lando Medical Reiki 201.1)- 10 hours
  • Toxic Emotions Balancing (Lando Medical Reiki 201.2)
  • Advanced Reiki Class (Lando Medical Reiki 201.3) or Dynamic Healing available online
  • Reiki Business Marketing and Development (Lando Medical Reiki 201.4)

Reiki Master

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Become a Lando Medical Reiki Master & Teacher

  • Reiki III (Lando Medical Reiki 301.1)
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy (Aromatherapy 101.1) – available online
  • Aromatherapy for Emotional Balancing (Aromatherapy 101.2)

Please note: Marina trains only 1-2 Reiki Masters a year. Please call her at 919-649-5308 to inquire

Reiki Education Options

Additional Education Categories


Aromatherapy Education

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A few common questions Marina hears are:

  • “Couldn’t I just buy a random essential oil I read off the internet that claims to help with stress?”
  • “How do I know which essential is safe for dogs and children?”
  • “Which essential oils are safe for ingestion?”

There is so much conflicting knowledge and resources on the internet about essential oils and aromatherapy, mostly by companies who just want you to buy their products. It can be easy to believe what they say when everyone spreads the same mistruths. Essential oils are not always as straightforward as companies claim, or oftentimes they say they are safe for one thing when they aren’t.

  • “I tried an essential oil that my friend recommended, but it didn’t help.”
  • “I created a carpet cleaner to clean up accidents after my new puppy, but she had a bad reaction to it.”
  • “I got a few essential oils, but I don’t know if I should use them with my kids.”
  • Have you experienced something similar?

Learn from a certified Aromatherapist to take all of the guesswork out of the safety and uses for each essential oil. Marina will teach you about which essential oil is safe to use with:

  • Kids
  • Dogs
  • Women who are pregnant

Meditation Education (or Training)

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In a busy life, sitting still for five minutes a day sounds impossible. It’s hard enough to carve out some peace and quiet with kids, partners, school, or demanding jobs. And when you finally do get alone time, all you can think about is the bazillion things you could be doing instead.

Did you know that meditations can actually help with:

  • Reducing cortisol levels, the stress hormone, making you feel calmer and more at peace
  • Reducing physical pain (see Marina’s Tonglen Meditation)
  • Strengthening the mind, which can help you focus more throughout the day

Anyone can start to learn how to meditate. You don’t need a fancy set up with music, a special cushion or candles. Now they might make you feel more relaxed and calm, but you could do meditations from the comfort of your couch.

With Harmony Life’s meditation membership, you will learn:

  • How to develop strong routines and habits
  • How to breathe properly while meditating
  • How meditation can change your life

Whether you want to feed your passion with continuing to learn new meditations, or you are just getting into it, see what 5 minutes a day can do for you.