What I like about essential oils is their versatility. They can be used to fight infections and balance emotions, reduce fever and pain. But the most amazing quality is their effect on our bio magnetic field or aura.
Each of our organs runs on… electricity. In 1924 the Nobel Prize was awarded to W. Einthoven for discovery of heart’s electricity. And as we know electricity produces magnetic field. Nowadays numerous devices from EKG to fertility monitors use readings from our bio-magnetic field to give doctors valuable information about the state of our health.
Using bio-magnetic field for evaluation is actually not very 21 century. For millenniums it was used in different healing systems throughout the world. In the East, for example, the Seven energy vortexes that float over our body like flowers are called Chakras, which in Sanskrit means “wheels”. As a part of Ayurveda, the wellness system originated in India, they were successfully used by Indian doctors and their patients for over 5,000 years to help the body heal itself.
According to ancient texts Chakras effect our body, emotions and mind in the most profound way. When all our Chakras are balanced we perform at the top of our abilities.
Seven Chakras, seven notes, seven colors. Seven smells? Essential oils can be used to balance Chakras and bring harmony to our life.
Why essential oils have such en effect? Essential oils are not just combination of alcohols, phenols and terpenes. Each has its own pranic/chi energy or frequencies and these silent sounds (“magnetic waves”) make Chakras “sing” again.
They work the same way as tuning forks. Hit one of the forks and the other one of the same note that was silent just a moment ago began to sing in unison.
Essential oils change our emotional profile easily and not just because their sweet smell is associated with blooming meadows, but also because their small molecules penetrate blood brain barrier effortlessly targeting different parts of the  brain on biochemical level. By effecting emotions we effect Chakras and by effecting Chakras we remove hidden blockages fine-tuning our emotional and physical harmony.