See your life in full color.

This session combines a series of modalities:

  • Chakra evaluation – to determine current imbalance
  • Dosha evaluation – to determine the treatment most helpful for your constitution
  • Aromatherapy – custom made essential oils blend will be applied to marma points to assist with balancing and removing blockages and self-subotages
  • Reiki – the treatment is given to assist with balancing and to initiate the Qi flow after the blockages were removed

Why “Rainbow”? Each Chakra according to ancient Ayurvedic books manifests our emotional state. Each Chakra is represented by the color:

  1. Base Chakra:
    1. Color: Red
    2. Balance: calmness, balance
    3. Imbalance: anxiety, high stress level, unsupported
  2. Sacral Chakra
    1. Color: Orange
    2. Balance: creativity, “I am in control”, thinking “out of the box”
    3. Imbalance: no inspiration, no solution even for simplest problem
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra
    1. Color: Yellow
    2. Balance: easy to make and follow plans, ledership
    3. Imbalance: procrastination, manipulated by others
  4. Heart  Chakra
    1. Color: Green
    2. Balance: “I ma loved”, “I am not along”
    3. Imbalance: loneliness
  5. Throat Chakra
    1. Color: Blue
    2. Balance: self-expression
    3. Imbalance: inability to express feelings, emotions, desires, etc.
  6. Third Eye Chakra
    1. Color: Indigo
    2. Balance: acceptance, understanding, intuition
    3. Imbalance: cannot see the outcome, cannot see what is coming, high stress level, difficulties to learn
  7. Crown Chakra
    1. Color: Purple
    2. Balance: calmness, composure
    3. Imbalance: depression, shock

Imbalanced Chakras manifest our emotional imbalance. High levels of stress change the way we see the world around us to the worst. It creates even more stress preventing us from achieving even the simplest goals.

When all our Chakras are opened we are at our best: we are fully enjoy and create life.

When all Chakras are opened, we “shine” with the brightness of the seven colors of the Rainbow.

So we called this treatment: Rainbow.