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Most people take good care of themselves and their families. They try to exercise regularly, eat right, sleep at least seven hours, and drink plenty of water. They busy themselves with the gym, hairdresser appointments, and shopping for the latest in beauty care. All these frantic activities leave very little time to take care of emotional health. What about caring for their inner peace and balance?  Reiki and natural healing may be the answer.

The Chaotic House

Let’s compare our body to a house. The outside of the house might look stunning and is envied by others. But the inside of the house is complete chaos. Old heartbreaks are heaped into a closet with no way to shut the door. Anger decays somewhere in the kitchen sink poisoning the air. Unresolved issues with ex-significant others are scattered everywhere in total disarray over the floor. This house is so crammed it is hard to move.

Would anyone willingly live in the house of a hoarder? But many do. All these piles of old unresolved issues create unnecessary pain and suffering and prevent people from achieving their goals. Reiki can change this.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki helps deal with underlying emotional issues and painful memories in a very gentle and indirect way without causing additional emotional distress.

Reiki is not talk therapy. After a short evaluation, a Reiki session is done in complete silence. Reiki therapy is applied to marma points to release accumulated emotional blockages and let energy flow unobtrusively.

Regular Reiki sessions help people to achieve inner emotional peace and balance. Many confuse emotional peace with emotional insensitivity – that is not correct. A balanced person still experiences emotions and still feels discomfort from grief and anger. But Reiki helps to teach the body to process emotions differently.

Reiki helps the body to use emotions and stop suffering from these emotions unnecessarily.

The Story of Two Women

Let me tell you a real-life story. Two women bumped into each other at the crowded mall just before Christmas. Let’s call them Jane and Ann. Both experienced discomforts and stress. Both smiled and apologized.

Internally Jane was furious because her holiday mood was ruined. She got upset and cut her shopping short. Jane complained about this very rude lady who intentionally bumped into her and caused emotional distress at that year’s Christmas dinner, the next year’s dinner, and the next one.

The second woman, Ann, forgot about the incident the moment she made sure Jane was not injured. She also felt the discomfort, stress, and irritation of bumping into another person, but she just processed it differently. Ann was practicing meditation and receiving regular Reiki sessions for years, and her trained mind knew how to deal with it.

I know both ladies. They eventually met at my office. A few years after the “mall incident,” Jane, overwhelmed by stress and burnout, decided to try a Reiki session. She was leaving after her first Reiki session with me when Ann walked in for her regular monthly treatment. It was an interesting encounter, to say the least.

It would be too good to say that they became friends in the end. They did not. But after a few sessions, Jane let it go. Her energy flow and balance were restored with regular Reiki sessions. Her body learned how to deal with discomforts in her life. She now has different happy stories to tell during the Christmas dinner.

Harmony Life

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