Reiki is a therapy that let the practitioner deliver energy through the hands, with intent to balance Chi/Prana of the client and to balance Chakras, Doshas (constitution), and emotions. It can be safely practiced with other alternative therapies, and with any modern medical treatments

Reiki can be used to restore emotional balance, body’s coherency and assist in self-healing.

Numerous research show strong connection between disease, emotions and our energy field. Nowadays Reiki is successfully offered in many American hospitals.

Properly applied Reiki is safe, and serious side effects are extremely rare.

Each Reiki session starts with evaluation to help Reiki Master to determine the appropriate Reiki protocols that will be most beneficial for the client. Ayurveda sees a person as interconnected system of physical body, mind, and energy. Body and mind are extremely sensitive to changes in each other.

Evaluation includes:

  • Tatva (cell) evaluation to estimate general health risks
  • Dosha (constitution) evaluation to determine potential imbalances in physical body and emotional processing
  • Chakras evaluation to determine group of emotional blockages
  • Toxic emotions evaluation to discover the underlying cause of imbalances

Based on evaluation Reiki Master might give general advise on lifestyle changes and meditative practices.

Each Reiki session is customized to client’s needs. It includes:

  • Customized meditation
  • Reiki application to marma points to:
    • Balance doshas
    • Balance chakras
    • Release toxic emotions


Regular Reiki sessions might help to:

  • Decrees the stress level
  • Reduce pain
  • Assist with physical healing
  • Assist mainstream treatments
  • Balance Chakras, Doshas, and Emotions
  • Keep emotional and physical balance.
  • Remove hidden emotional blockages helping the Chi/Prana move unobtrusive in the body

Reiki, a Japanese complimentary medicine therapy, can be called “the most misunderstood and misused therapy of the last one hundred years”. Its bad luck started with the introduction to the West at the worst possible time. The war between the USA and Japan was inevitable. Everything remotely Japanese was rejected with revulsion. Very few people knew about Chakras, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Ayurveda, Martial Arts or Feng Shui – all these systems and practices that are based on the understanding of the circulation of energy or Chi within the human body.

To make Reiki more acceptable, the ancient teaching of Chi was slightly modified to fit the Western mentality and in the process many important points were missed. To make the situation even worse Reiki was banned in its native Japan along with Acupuncture and other Eastern healing traditions during the American’s occupation in 1945.

With its roots cut, Reiki led an odd life and was used for many things that it was not intended.

Reiki was developed by the person who practiced Chi Gong, an ancient Chinese tradition of bringing Chi energy into harmony to help body to heal itself. More and more Reiki Masters practice Medical Reiki. It is based on traditions, practices, and knowledge of Chi/Pranic healing accumulated for centuries of research and development.

Let us review what Reiki can and cannot do:

  • Reiki CAN balance Chi/Prana in human body – yes, Chi/Prana energy exists and can be measured
  • Reiki IS NOT a religious practice
  • One does not have to believe in Reiki to get benefits – as one does not have to believe in science to get benefits from aspirin
  • Reiki CAN balance Chakras, Doshas and Meridians
  • Reiki CANNOT make you fly or become rich
  • Reiki CAN help with pain management
  • YouTube or any other video CANNOT attune you to Reiki or heal – the frequencies of the video/audio recordings are different from Chi/Prana frequencies or any other healing frequencies.
  • Reiki CAN help to increase your energy level
  • Reiki CAN change physical body – some experiments shows that the level of hemoglobin increases after Reiki attunement

How to choose a Reiki Master?

Reiki Master level CANNOT be achieved by a novice with just a weekend class – there are three levels of Training:

  • it takes at least ten hours class and four attunements to achieve level 1; then at least a month to learn the energy and develop skills at the first level;
  • another ten hours and two attunements to learn level 2; it takes even more time to master level 2;
  • another class to get to the master level and endless hours of practice and teaching to become a Reiki Master;


Check qualifications and ask for certificate:

  1. Only a Reiki Master can teach classes and do attunements
  2. It takes time to become a Reiki Master. Nobody can learn to become a Reiki Master in one weekend
  3. It takes a Reiki Master to teach a Reiki Master. Nobody can learn Reiki by watching DVD or receiving on-line/distant “attunement”

In Japan only practicing Reiki Master can get permission to teach a class. There are no such requirements in the USA. But if you plan to use Reiki a lot, you might want somebody with experience to guide you