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Why do I need a Reiki Session?

Reiki has been accepted by the World Health Organization as a complementary therapy. This is very good news for Reiki Therapists. Congratulations to us. But what is all the fuss about?

The majority of people take good care of themselves and their families. We exercise, we eat right, we sleep 8 hours, and we drink plenty of water.

But what about our inner peace and balance? What about our happiness? We spend most of the time worrying about this and that, working ourselves into a frenzy about future outcomes, and brooding about our past mistakes.

If you compare your body to a house, it’s like you take good care of the walls and foundation, but inside is complete chaos. Old heartbreaks are heaped into closets, forgotten anger decays somewhere in the kitchen sink, and unresolved issues with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend scattered in total disarray all over the floor. It is so crowded it is hard to move.

Eventually it becomes very difficult to focus on problems at hand when you have no space to maneuver inside your own house without tripping over old unresolved issues.

Many researches show that people who receive Reiki sessions on a regular basis:
• Demonstrate enhanced problem solving abilities.
• Experience substantial reduction in perceived stress.
• Report significantly lower anxiety levels.

How can Reiki sessions achieve all of these wonderful benefits? Reiki session assists a person to deal with unresolved emotional issue.

In Ayurveda unresolved issues cause toxic emotions. Toxic emotions are defined as emotions that are blocked by you. We are entitled to experience every emotion from anger to happiness. Emotions are just energies generated to help us to deal with the situation that caused said emotions. Each emotion is supposed to enter the body at a specific marma point to be delivered to a specific organs and to be utilized by the body. When we don’t want to deal with emotion because we consider it too shameful (we judge it as bad, sinful) or we feel it is just too much – we block it.

But the energy of emotion can’t move anywhere but through a designated marma point into the body. Blocked, it becomes a toxic emotion that sits over the marma point preventing all other energies that are using the same marma point to feed our internal organs. Yes, stress makes us sick.

Through the Reiki session, energy (Chi, Qi, Prana) is applied to blocked marma points and helps to “melt” accumulated toxic emotion. It clears our entry points for the energy we require to solve issues. This energy is then allowed to do its job and clean the inside of our house. And now it’s easier to face every day challenges when you do not need to deal with unresolved issues. You become a happier person. And happier people can achieve anything.