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You read all the self-help books, took all the career development classes, but nothing changes. You are stuck. And your most popular mantra “I love my job” does not work anymore.

Maybe it is time to put aside some new books (full of tantalizingly new ideas) and look at some old books. Getting the wisdom from the system that is 5,000 years old and counting makes sense to me. I am talking about Ayurveda. I am talking about achieving your goals with Reiki therapy.

The main focus of Reiki therapy is to create a balance on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual – because without the balance no one can achieve their highest potentials. So how can Reiki help you?

Ayurveda recognizes: Chakras and Marma points. There are 7 Chakras and about 170 Marma points. Marma points are predecessors of acupuncture points. Chakras are manifestation of our consciousness. Marmas are doorways to our consciousness.

By evaluating and balancing Chakras through Marmas trained Reiki Master balances not just emotional and physical state of the client, but also promotes professional growth.

Sounds too good to be true? Let us take a closer look at the Chakra system and Reiki.

Root Chakra

Root Chakra confidence, is the foundation of our emotional and physical wellbeing. According to ancient texts this Chakra is responsible for self-confidence. The imbalance manifests itself in high levels of insecurity, stress, and anxiety. Would you do a business with the person who is nervous, jittery and does not meet your eyes? I thought so, neither would I.

The person with balanced Base Chakra manifests confidence and integrity. A true leader.

Reiki therapy helps to remove blockages that cause sense of insecurity and restores the sense of wellbeing.

Sacral Chakra – creativity. Nothing happens in our lives without creativity. Many projects call for out-of-the-box thinking.

Without creativity there is no professional growth, no job satisfaction, no business development.

You can learn to fake confidence, but it is impossible to fake creativity.

Regular Reiki sessions help to restore the sense of been in control of your destiny and helps to create solutions that flow with changing circumstances and demands of life.

Sacral Chakra

Power Chakra – will. Malfunction of this Chakra manifests itself in the inability to organize the day, follow the plan or finish the task. You might be a very creative person but without will and ability to implement ideas, ideas become fantasies.

Your day seams busy. But, nothing productive is achieved. Even one simple ten-minute task seams so huge, that it “occupies” your whole day.

Reiki therapy helps to harmonize Power Chakra and lower the stress. Stress free days slow the time. Reiki assist with achieving the impossible: squeezing 48 productive hours in a single day with ease.

Heart Chakra compassion. How compassion can affect our carrier or business success?

Malfunction of this chakra shows itself in inability to manifest compassion and care. Constant irritation, stress and disappointment with lost clients, deals and opportunities – sounds familiar?

We do not like doing business with people who do not care about us. So if you do not like your clients or colleagues – don’t be surprised that the retention level is low and promotions are rare.

Love, compassion, and care can be faked, but people feel the difference.

Regular Reiki sessions help to develop sincere compassion to yourself and others. When one manifests compassion to the world, the world comes. Kind people attract bounty.

Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra self-expression. This Chakra helps to express our ideas and manage tasks and people. It gives you unique voice. Without manifesting our ideas in words (written or spoken) they are nothing. You might have a magnificent world hidden inside you, but without descriptions – it is a corpse of a fantasy.

Without your unique voice even faking confidence and love become problematic.

Reiki sessions remove the apprehension we might experience when we express our deepest aspirations. Regular Reiki and meditations create inspiring leader other follow.

Third Eye Chakra – understanding. None of us can predict the future, but nevertheless…

Without understanding the cause and effect we are lost, we live in the fantasy and it hurts. Confusion follows. Unanswered questions. Inability to see the big picture.

Reiki sessions help us calmly face the world as it is truly is. We can plan with confidence, we can find the solution to the pressing issues, we stay calm, we are in command and are ready to maneuver in the ever-changing stream of life.

Third Eye Chakra

The Crown Chakra – ethics. It is our compass to what is right and wrong.

When closed it makes us confused, depressed and ruthless.

Reiki therapy helps to reconnect with our spirituality regardless of our religious believes. Reiki improves our manifestation of honesty, trustworthiness and reliability.

Regular Reiki educates our mind how to process low self-esteem, stagnation, anger, grief, shyness, anxiety, and sadness. Reiki sessions helps us to understand that our success is within us and does not depend on people or events around us.