Grief is a universal equalizer

Our courtship, our customs, our body language may be different. But we all grieve in the same way.

We reached the end of lock-downs. The world we face is strange and scary. We are not the first in human history to face devastation and death. From forgotten massacres of the stone age, to Black Plague of the 14th century, to the horrors of WWII. We survived. But we cannot move forward without proper grieving.

Many of you could not travel to say the last goodbye. Many of you cried alone at home for strangers you never met in your life.


Let’s come together as community to grieve together.


Me and my friend Rev. Kathie McCutcheon created Facebook page:

Virtual Interfaith Temple and Memorial – Life Lost during COVID-19 Pandemic


This page is dedicated to everyone who lost their lives during pandemic, not just due to COVID 19.


Please, share stories (sad or funny), poems, pictures, sing a song, or post a quote. Fill free to post how you feel.


Please, be respectful and comfort each other.


What is not permitted:

  • Politically charged posts
  • Hate posts
  • Offensive language



A message from organizers:


The purpose of this group is to remember, mourn and honor our dead and offer comfort to those who grieve.  Hundreds of thousands of people globally have died because of COVID-19.  Loved ones may not have been able to be with them at the time of death and then organize or attend funerals, memorial services, or other rituals they are accustomed to due to shelter-in-place orders.  We must also remember and mourn those who have died of other causes during this time and not received the customary rites. Our places of worship and spiritual communities where we may find solace in our grief are not open and meeting. 


Therefore, in grace and peace, we offer this virtual sacred space to share memories and grieve together.  In solidarity and oneness, we honor all faith traditions and secular paths.  


Marina Lando and Kathie McCutcheon