Reiki and Love

From the days of our early childhood when we are told fairy tale stories, we are preprogrammed with the assumptions of how love should be.

It will be difficult at the beginning. But eventually we will be saved. A kiss, a wedding, and they lived happily ever after. The end.

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Life is never that simple. Reiki therapy can help anyone who is looking for true love.

Being in love is happy and tragic at the same time. The deep connection to another living, breathing human being with their own emotions, stories and experiences is challenging and intimidating.

Only the brave fall in love. Falling in love is as dangerous as diving head on from a high cliff into uncharted waters.  You might find warm welcoming depth or be hurt by hidden rocks.

There is no love without trust. Reiki helps remove emotional blockages so we can express ourselves without fear.

As we fall in love, we connect emotionally, physically, and energetically. Our energies and desires pull us together as our egos pull us apart. Regular Reiki sessions can help handling our emotions in a more compassionate way helping to nourish the bond.

Many people are surprised that falling in love is a total agony. And many will walk away because it does not look like a “happily ever after” fairy tale.

Courtship is hard work. Love has ups and downs. Love has breaking points and mending points. In such turmoil it is our choice to use our relationships as a tool for personal growth or a source for endless suffering.

Without challenges there is no growth. Love provides us with a perfect challenge.

Reiki sessions help to accept and process complex emotions we experience during courtship. When emotions are processed properly, we grow spiritually and psychologically into a person we want to be. Reiki helps us to become a person who attracts a perfect harmonious match.

In love we face our raw emotions, old wounds, and misconceptions we carry from previous relationships with parents, friends, lovers, and co-workers. Our partner brings their own baggage into relationship. The balance to be achieved is overly complex and multilayered. This is an ideal time to get Reiki sessions to help to balance and release old blockages so new relationship can flourish.

Reiki sessions help us to face our deepest fears, wounds and grow spiritually and emotionally. This approach makes us stronger.

Reiki therapy helps us naturally disconnect from unsuitable partner and develop more harmonious relationship with a true soulmate.