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Obvious culprits that are detrimental to your health are an unhealthy diet and a chaotic lifestyle. But three additional hidden killers that are little known. These are hidden in your body. Even a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food cannot override the damage to the immune system and body sustained from these three:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Envy

Let us take a look at emotions from an Ayurvedic perspective, and all will become clear.


Emotions are our birthright. We experience all of life through emotions. There are no “bad” or “good” feelings. We have a choice of using emotions destructively or constructively. Emotions are our natural reaction to any event. Emotions respond to a trigger, just like your immune system responds to a foreign invader to the body. Just as you cannot blame yourself for having a 102F fever during the flu, you cannot blame yourself for experiencing anger when faced with injustice.

Energy Points

Ayurveda recognizes all emotions as energies (Prana). These energies help us to deal with events. Each emotion has its own energetic “flavor.” It floats into the body through a specific marma point (predecessors of an acupuncture point). These marmani points direct energy to specific organs and tissues. Fear, for example, helps to fire muscles and allows us to make split-second survival decisions.

Blocking Emotions

We can accept emotion or reject it. And this is where it becomes interesting. By rejecting emotions, we deprive ourselves of the energies to solve the problem that caused the feelings in the first place. And by denying emotion, we are blocking the marmani points from delivering energy to organs. Organs deprived of Prana’s life force start to malfunction, which puts stress on the immune system and creates imbalances that lead to disease.

No one wants to be angry, or envious, or fearful. The only way some know how to deal with these emotions is to block them. But there is another way. Let us first look at the health risks for swallowing anger, fear, and envy.

Unhealthy Results

According to Ayurveda, blocking these emotions might cause heart problems, asthma, breast problems, indigestion, stomach problems, liver problems, adrenal deficiency, kidney problems, lower back pain, headaches, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, immune problems.

This information might be confusing. Does it mean you have to roar with anger, scream with fear, and envy everyone all the time? Of course not. We have to learn how to release blockages and start processing these emotions with compassion. Use them to change the world without hurting anyone.

Clear the Way

Lando Medical Reiki helps in many ways:

  • Reiki sessions gently clear accumulated blockages. Think about this process, like washing windows. Marmani points become cloudy when we block emotions, and the energy cannot flow into the body. Reiki applied to a marma point, clears the point, and lets in the light.
  • Customized meditations give clients a tool to deal with emotion in a compassionate way
  • Reiki sessions help to detect imbalance before it becomes a problem

Cleared marmani points deliver Prana to organs. Organs use this energy to balance themselves, allowing the immune system to thrive.

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