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Reiki is a healing modality in the long line of energy healing techniques. It all started 5,000 years ago with Ayurveda, the oldest functioning wellness systems in the world that is still in use by thousands of doctors today.

What energy? And why does it need balancing? Ayurveda recognizes that our body has an energy field that affects our emotional and physical state.

For example: according to Ayurveda imbalanced Root Chakra affects not just our stress level, but our relationship with parents and siblings as well, and might manifest emotional imbalances as leg pain, lower back pain and various skin problems.

Reiki (as all energy healing before it) can be used to balance Chakras, restore body’s coherency and assist in self-healing.

How Reiki works?

Our anatomy according to Ayurveda does not stop with the physical body. It has emotional and energetic (Prana) components. Emotions are various energies that help our body function in different situations.

Think about human body as an intricate system of:

  • Physical body – our hardware
  • The way our mind processes emotions is our software to process energy
  • Prana (energy) – electricity to feed the hardware

At the birth we are given a perfect body where hardware (body) and software (mind) work in harmony to utilize Prana (electricity) with maximum efficiency. As we live we experience emotional and physical stress. As we age these stressors slowly change our body and our mind. In the essence: our software and hardware changes to the point when the balance is no longer possible, and Prana is not used by the body properly. We experience stress, burn out and disease.

There is nothing mysterious about Reiki. Reiki might look like magic. But if I tell you fifty years ago that I don’t have to tie my phone with wires to the wall to talk to my mom you would not believe me. Many things might look like magic when you don’t know how it works.

Properly customized Reiki session helps to restore the energy flow by restoring how we process emotions. Thru gentle Reiki application of balanced energy to Marma points (predecessors of acupuncture points) Reiki Master removes emotional blockages. Reiki helps our mind to bring back the natural flow of Prana energy to the body. When body gets sufficient energy it gradually restores balance in physical body. Not all diseases can be reversed unfortunately. When the body reaches critical imbalance “the point of no return” complete healing might become impossible.