The year 2020 will be recorded in history like a plot from a dystopian movie. This kind of event is supposed to stay on flat-screen TVs, not come into our lives uninvited and worse lingering indefinitely.

Holidays 2020. Where Should I Start?

Many of you will experience sadness – me too. There will be no big celebrations. There will be no annual Thanksgiving family gathering. There will be no meeting up with friends at festive holiday parties. No celebration of my husbands’ and my combined birthdays (we were born five days apart).

No one knows how to easily navigate all that this year dropped on our heads without warning. Let me tell you how I prepared myself and my family to deal with 2020. No, I did not know it was coming. But as a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher, I recognize the importance of emotional resilience in dealing with the unexpected. For the past fourteen years, I helped nurture my clients’ emotional resilience with meditations, combined with Reiki sessions. And most importantly, I practiced meditations and did Reiki to myself daily.

Doctor, Heal Yourself, Right?

This year, I helped my clients to survive by teaching them a simple truth about disasters in our lives:

  • Without challenges, we would not know our weaknesses.
  • Without knowing our weaknesses, we would not grow.
  • Without growth, we would not achieve happiness and content.

How Lando Medical Reiki session can help:

  • It lowers anxiety and teaches how to deal with it.
  • It slows down the breath and helps to clear the mind.
  • It helps to deal with a sense of loneliness and abandonment.
  • It helps to control anger and cultivate compassion.

It is totally up to you to try Reiki and see how it can change your life. I want to add this suggestion about upcoming holidays: maybe this year is the year when we should reconsider how we celebrate. Instead of concentrating on “how it used to be” focus on “the way it is important to me.”

Maybe Thanksgiving should not be about fretting about the turkey dinner. Do we really need so much food? Possibly Thanksgiving should be about giving thanks for what we have: health, friends, family, pets. Maybe religious holidays should remain what they were intended to be in the first place a spiritual experience, not stressful shopping sprees.

And maybe I should not spend a week cooking birthday food but enjoy Zooming and Skyping with friends and family all over the world. Be happy.

Harmony Life

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