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Regular Reiki sessions help finding the love by balancing Chakras. The process is remarkably simple. But first let’s see how energy imbalances manifest in Chakra profile and relationships.
Chakra Balancing for Love
How many times did we console one of our friends after a bad break-up? Why is it that educated, smart and kind person cannot find someone equally kind? What is wrong? The answer can be found in the Chakra profile and the remedy in Reiki therapy.We all have different Chakra profiles and instinctively are looking for people who compensate for lack or excess of energy (Prana) in us.
The algorithm of love is an elegant hidden dance between the Chakras of two people.
A woman always plays an active part in initiating the Prana exchange by checking the compatibility between man’s Heart Chakras and her own. When she finds his Chakra attractive and unattached, she “holds” the two chakras together. The man feels this and checks the compatibility between his and the woman’s Sacral Chakras. When two Heart Chakras and Two Sacral Chakras are a match they connect like magnets. The energetic circle is complete and the energy of love, like an electric surge, excites two people and pushes them together. The longer a couple lives together the more Chakras connect and the stronger the energetic connection.
You might have noticed that in couples who have been married for a long time, the husband and wife look alike. The impression is created by the combined energy field (combined auras) of two people whose Chakras are bound together for life.Let’s see how different Chakras affect our romantic compatibility.

Base Chakra – independence. The person with a balanced Base Chakra manifests confidence, strength, and self-reliance. This kind of people attract other strong people.
The imbalance manifests itself in a feeling of insecurity and unworthiness. The person with a closed Base Chakra is shy and feels lonely, a perfect target for a bully or a sexual predator.
Regular Reiki sessions help to restore sense of independence and confidence.
Sacral Chakra, the cradle of our sexual powers and spontaneity.
When the Sacral Chakra is closed, it makes the person “invisible” to the opposite sex.
Those with balanced Sacral Chakras are very desirable partners and fun to be around as this Chakra also nourishes our creativity and spontaneity.
Reiki therapy helps to release emotional blockages and restore our playfulness.

The Power Chakra, helps to express our wishes.
The person with a closed Power Chakra might find difficult to say No and easily manipulated.
Partners with balanced Power Chakras are well organized, have strong will and are respectful to wishes of others.
Regular Reiki sessions help to process blockages that prevent the expression of one’s will and not to bow to peer pressure.
Heart Chakra – love.
People with a closed Heart Chakra have an extremely difficult time finding a suitable person to date and building lasting relationships.
People with balanced Heart Chakra are generous and well loved by others.
Regular Reiki sessions help to open Heart Chakra by healing emotional wounds cause by separation, divorce, death in the family or betrayal. That’s why so many people find it difficult to get a new right partner immediately after previous relationship fails.

Throat Chakra, the gift of self-expression. This is where people present themselves to the world.
When closed, it creates difficulties with communication which can lead to misunderstanding and broken relationships. Most importantly by hiding their true hopes and goals they project a distorted picture of themselves attracting the wrong kind of potential partners.
People with opened Throat Chakra are not afraid to express their own vision of ideal relationships they want to have or their unique vision of the world attracting the right kind of potential partners.
Reiki therapy helps to remove nervousness and gives a person strength to manifest their true personalities to find a good match.
The Third Eye Chakra is the Chakra of intuition. This is where we scan another person’s body language, appearance and have an educated guess: he loves me, he loves me not.
People with this Chakra closed always tend to make wrong farfetched assumptions. The cause and effect logic is lost to people with a closed Third Eye Chakra.
People with an opened Third Eye Chakra see only facts and never make fanciful assumptions.
Regular Reiki sessions helps to see and accept people and ourselves as we truly are and achieve our goals without spending too much time with people who are a bad match.

The Crown Chakra – trust. It brings us peace and confidence that all will be well.
Reiki therapy trains the mind to be calm during the most turbulent times. It helps us to trust in ourselves, in our purpose and our own strength. There will be always heartbreaks. But in the end: the only person who is always there for you is You.

Reiki helps us to become our true best friend.

When our mind is calm, when we love and value ourselves, a strong partner comes.

Because like attracts like.

Reiki helps to restore:

    • independence to attract strong partner
    • spontaneity to have fun
    • will to get what we want
    • love to attract love
    • manifestation of personality to attract what we need 
    • intuition to accept things we cannot change
    • trust to be strong