A lot of people think about Reiki as a tool for relaxation. But Reiki is much more than that. Reiki is the tool that helps us not just to relax but also make our mind more efficient.

During a Reiki session, a trained therapist applies energy (Prana or Chi) to blocked marma points. A marma point is a point where our body takes readily available Prana from the space around us and uses it to recharge organs and tissues.

Marma points can be blocked because of physical injury or emotional blockage. These blockages are gently cleared during a Reiki session, and meditations are introduced to teach the mind effective emotional processing.

Ayurveda teaches us that we experience life through emotions. Emotions are just energies. When we accept an emotion, its energy flows into a specific block of marma points and boosts the functions of organs and tissues. When we start judging the emotion as bad, shameful, or overwhelming, we block the energy of the emotion from reaching vital organs and tissues, causing the gradual development of disease and an increase in stress and anxiety.

As a result of a Reiki session and the removal of blockages, our mind learns how to process, accept, and use the energies of all emotions. It frees our mind from wasteful activity like replaying confrontations, defeats, stressful situations, and overreacting to insignificant events.

A Reiki session helps reduce the stress load on our mind and frees it to be more creative, spontaneous, and happy. A Reiki session makes our mind more efficient by reducing or eliminating the time it spends on worrying and fretting over past events and helping the mind calmly focus on solutions to challenges we face every day.

A Reiki session improves how we function during the night, helping us to quiet restless mind faster and stay deeply asleep through the night. Our mind gets enough sleep and works better.

Regular Reiki sessions go a long way. Reiki sessions help to release small blockages as they occur and prevent emotional imbalances to become chronic.

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