In a moment of quickly built-up frustration or outrage, anger is an easy emotion to reach, and that can cause a variety of problems. Anger is easy, quick, and more seductive than calmer emotions, but that means it can lead to complex and embarrassing situations. It can be easier for some to resist such rushes to negative emotions than others, but rational thought can go out the window as emotions take control in the heat of the moment. Stress relief can reduce anger outbursts, so seeking a way to control stress should be a priority.

Stress Relief and Anger Control

Stress plays a part in having strong emotional reactions when triggered. In such angry moments, though, it is crucial to regain control to not lead to stupid decisions, accidents, or injuries. Fortunately, there are some quick and easy ways to diffuse immediate outrage. It can be difficult to remember such tactics in the heat of negative emotions, but, with practice, such efforts may make a difference in saving a person’s reputation and dignity.

Stop and Breathe

One method often touted for its effectiveness but tricky to implement is stopping and taking a deep breath. Taking a brief moment to permit one to collect themselves can help diffuse the immediate surge of anger. It takes practice, of course, but it can help a great deal but is a coping mechanism taught in anger management for a long time.

Take a Walk

Sometimes a deep breath is not enough. If circumstances allow, taking a brief walk or a step outside for fresh air can also make a big difference. Men and boys especially tend to respond to physical movement to collect their thoughts and think issues through. Breaking the flood of emotions that anger triggers help one to regain control. With emotions under control, rational thinking can take over.

Disengage and Leave

When the situation is dire enough, simply excusing oneself or leaving might be the best solution. This act could be the most challenging answer, but it can also save the day in times of extreme rage. Disengaging for a while may be needed if the situation easily triggers an angry response over and over. In extreme cases, it may mean cutting off a relationship.

Whether taking a brief moment to catch a deep breath, walking to clear the mind, or disengaging, all are good options to diffuse a situation when anger rears its ugly head. Giving in to anger can be satisfying in the short term, but it can lead to regrets, bad decisions, and all sorts of problems in the long term. Learning to recognize and controlling angry emotions leads to a calmer and happier life.

Harmony Life

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